Houseboat Rentals

Houseboat rentals are certainly the most common option for most of us.

Although it may not be the perfect solution it's the route most of us take simply because it’s so convenient and easy. You pay your money up front. The boat is your responsibility for a short period of time and when that time has ended so has your responsibility. The HB companies provide most of the necessary items. You only need to bring yourself and your personal stuff.

The down side is that the boat is only yours for a short period of time. And if you love houseboating as much as we do, well frankly, that sucks.

The list of rental companies below is for the moment limited to British Columbia, Canada. As this site grows, so will the listings for other areas.

Shuswap Houseboats, Sicamous, BC

Bluewater Houseboats, Sicamous, BC

The Fish and Duck Houseboats and Pub, Port Albemi, BC

Island Houseboats, Victoria, BC

Kelowna Houseboat Rentals, Kelowna, BC

Sunshine Houseboat Vacations, Cranbrook, BC

Twin Anchors Houseboats, Salmon Arm, BC

Waterway Houseboats, Sicamous, BC

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Houseboat Rentals