About Us

About us is about us regular people with regular jobs and regular lives who like to have fun on a houseboat whenever we can. Like you we put our bathing suits on one leg at a time. We do not pretend to be any better than that.

Specifically there are ten of us friends and co-workers who have been doing this houseboat thing on and off for the last twenty years. We do not claim to know everything about anything. However, we have learned what works on the water and what does not. Mostly by trial and error. We have met many cool people out there over the years and we learned from them too.

Our experience has all been with houseboat rentals. We know people who do houseboat timeshares as well and we have met people who own their own floating Shangri-La. We have discovered that the issues for all of us are basically the same. So there is a little something here for everyone whether you rent or own.

If you take it all together we collectively have the knowledge, experience and memories of over a hundred trips.

I should note that it is just me who is compiling and putting together all this good information. But my friends are as much a part of this as I am. I have been and will be picking their brains and using their experiences to make this site as robust as possible. And fortunately for you their memories are better than mine! I could not do this without them and I do not intend to try.

So if you see words like “I” or “me” you are seeing my thoughts and opinions.

If you see words like “us” or “our” or “we” then you are getting the thoughts and experiences of the group.



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About Us